Shooting Test #1 is Live [Updated]

Edit 07/02: Added V2.4.2 changes to Shooting Test #1.

Shooting Test #1 is coming this Monday, February 5th as a Limited Time Mode. Epic hopes to address certain issues regarding the gun-related gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale, and more specifically bloom/bullet spread inconsistencies. Lead Designer Eric Williamson shed some light on the developer’s thoughts behind the upcoming test:

“One of our favorite things about Fortnite Battle Royale is choosing how to engage another player – whether that’s building cover and closing the gap, dropping from above, sneaking around, or just going in guns blazing. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating when those plans are disrupted by a shot that randomly misses your target.”

Announced first back in November, the developers set these goals as guidelines for improving combat:

  • Goal #1 – Pistol sniping at long range should not be possible.
  • Goal #2 – Our weapons should have characteristics that encourage a wide range of engagements based on: distance to target, target type, ammo availability, etc.

Shooting Test #1

Shooting Test #1 will be the first of many tests aiming to improve the overall shooting experience of the game. The upcoming trial sets focus on first-shot accuracy, headshot damage reduction as well as damage fall-off for specific weapons. The full list of Shooting Test #1 changes is listed below:

  • Weapons now have first-shot accuracy, indicated by a red glow on the reticle. This is applied when:
    • Standing still
    • Aiming (not hip-firing)
    • Aim spread is at peak accuracy (Basically, if you haven’t fired recently. It is different per weapon)
  • Headshot critical hits have been reduced
    • Shotguns are now 150% damage (was 250%).
    • All other weapons with headshot crits are now 200% damage (was 250%).
  • Damage fall-off has been introduced for some weapons
    • Damage applies at 100% to a fixed range.
    • Fall-off begins at different ranges (depending on the weapon), and decreases to 70% damage.
    • Sniper Rifles, Rocket/Grenade Launchers, and Shotguns are unaffected.
  • Other balance adjustments
    • Semi-Auto Sniper has had its damage increased to 75/78 (from 63/66).
    • Scoped Assault Rifle has had its damage increased to 25/26 (from 23/24).
    • +2 Base damage to all SMGs.

Feedback & Future Tests

Eric Williamson adds that they intend to “run multiple shooting tests” and will “be gathering data from many different sources (internal analytics, community sentiment, and various social platforms)“. He also indicates that a future Shooting Test prototype will involve a “Perfect Accuracy + Recoil” model. An early version of that prototype was inadvertently turned on for a few hours back in December.

Epic is encouraging all players to participate and provide feedback throughout these limited time modes as they will directly help shape the future core gameplay of the game.

07/02: Patch V2.4.2 Update

  • The Shooting Test #1 Limited-Time Mode has been switched to Solo only.
    • Known Issue: The Shooting Test does not save progression for stats or challenges.
  • Shotgun headshot damage increased to 200% (was 150%).
  • Scoped Assault Rifle is now 100% accurate when zoomed in.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle no longer has damage fall-off.

Are you excited to try these new changes? Share us your opinions of Shooting Test #1 in the comments below.