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Cosmetics Sneak Peek #001: Rex, Rogue Agent & More

In Cosmetics Sneak Peek #001, we showcase forthcoming skins for Fortnite Battle Royale including the legendary Rex outfit and its Scaly backpack, the Pick Squeak pickaxe and much more. Background colors represent the rarity of the item in question: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

Rex (Outfit) + Scaly (Back Bling)

Rex Outfit Scaly Back Bling

Rogue Agent (Outfit) + Catalyst (Back Bling)

Rogue Agent Outfit Catalyst Back Bling

Burnout (Outfit)

Burnout Outfit

– Back Blings: Brite Bag + Rust Bucket

Brite Bag Rust Bucket Back Bling

Radiant Striker + Brilliant Striker (Outfits)

Tactical Spade + Empire Axe + Pick Squeak (Pickaxes)

Cosmetics Sneak Peek #001

Please note that these items may change before release. Many thanks to Storm Shield One for the names & categories – make sure to check out their new cosmetics database.