Cosmetics Sneak Peek 002
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Cosmetics Sneak Peek #002: Warpaint, Pot O’ Gold & More

Cosmetics Sneak Peek #002 showcases the latest and upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetics including the Highland Warrior outfit, Pot O’ Gold pickaxe and much more.

Background colors represent the rarity of the item in question: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. 

Highland Warrior (Outfit) and Battle Hound (Outfit)

Rose Team Leader (Outfit) and Skirmish (Back Bling)

Rose Team Leader Outfit and Skirmish Back Bling

Warpaint (Outfit) and Pursuit (Back Bling)

Note: Rose Team Leader and Warpaint are rumored to be free rewards given to players who purchased “Save the World”.

Power Chord (Outfit) and Six String (Back Bling)

Power Chord Outfit and Six String Back Bling

Gliders: Storm Sigil + Stage Dive + Rusty Rider

Storm Sigil, Stage Dive, Rusty Ride Gliders

Sgt. Green Clover (Outfit) and Pot O’ Gold (Pickaxe)

Sgt. Green Clover Outfit and Pot O' Gold Pickaxe

– Pickaxes: Spectral Axe, Silver Fang and Anarchy Axe

Spectral Axe, Silver Fang and Anarchy Axe Pickaxes

Credit to Storm Shield One for the names & categories – make sure to check out their cosmetics database.