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Cosmetics Sneak Peek #003: Rabbit Raider, Dark Vanguard & More

Cosmetics Sneak Peek #003 showcases the latest and upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetics including the mystical Raven outfit, Carrot Stick pickaxe and more.

Background colors represent the rarity of the item in question: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Credit to Storm Shield One for the names & categories.

Rabbit Raider (Outfit) and Eggshell (Back Bling)

Raven (Outfit) and Iron Cage (Back Bling)

Whiplash (Outfit)

Dark Vanguard (Outfit) and Dark Void (Back Bling)

Bunny Brawler (Outfit) and Hard Boiled (Back Bling)

Carrot Stick (Pickaxe) and Feathered Flyer (Glider)