Limited Time Mode: Sniper Shootout V2

Patch V3.4.0 brings back the Sniper Shootout Limited Time Mode in a slightly modified “V2” model. The most notable changes include the removal of the Revolver and addition of the Hunting Rifle and Crossbow.

Sniper Shootout V2 Settings

  • Hunting Rifle and Crossbow added.
  • Revolver removed.
  • Downed state is disabled. Downed players are immediately eliminated.
  • Legendary weapons can only be found in Supply Drops.
  • Epic weapons can only be found in Treasure Chests.
  • Heavy Ammo Drop Quantities:
    • Floor: 6
    • Chest: 6
    • Ammo Box: 12
    • Supply Drop: 18
    • Llama: 90