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Cosmetics Sneak Peak #004: Tricera Ops, Tomatohead & More

Cosmetics Sneak Peek #004 showcases the latest and upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetics including the Tomatohead outfit, Googly glider and more. Background colors represent the rarity of the item in question: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

Credit to Storm Shield One for the names & categories.

Leviathan (Outfit) and Fish Tank (Back Bling)

Tomatohead (Outfit) and Special Delivery (Back Bling)

Tricera Ops (Outfit) and Hatchling (Back Bling)

Axeroni (Pickaxe) and Bitemark (Pickaxe)

Googly (Glider) and Planetory Probe (Glider)

Cipher (Outfit) and Cutting Edge (Back Bling)

Fossil Flyer (Glider) and Mainframe (Glider)