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V4.0.0 Map Changes | Risky Reels, Dusty Divot & More

The meteor has finally landed!Patch V4.0.0 introduced many new changes to the Battle Royale map. Here’s our complete recap covering the Season 4 map changes.

An immense thank you to iR0WB0 for the screenshots!

New POIs (Points of Interest)

Superhero Mansion (located between the race track and Lonely Lodge)

Dusty Divot (RIP Dusty Depot)

Risky Reels (located north of Wailing Woods)

Villain Lair (on the mountainside facing towards Snobby Shores)

Updated Existing POIs

Tilted Towers


Moisty Mire Movie Set

‘Yonder Yard’ Club 

Underground bunker (Basement of blue house in Salty Springs)