Season 4 Week 5 Map Changes

Patch V4.3 brings many new changes to the map. Here’s our complete recap of Season 4 Week 5 map changes:

The meteorite excavation continues.

Getting nearer and nearer to the center. What could it be?

Vegetation is starting to grow in Dusty Divot.

The crater in Risky Reels has been patched up + new movies displayed on drive-in sign

New movies displayed on drive-in sign

Hop Rocks convoy seen near the indoor soccer field. Possibly heading towards the villain lair?

Omega and Carbide posters have appeared on the map. Most likely for a future Battle Pass challenge.

Truck and “MiB” car are tipped over near the crater southwest of Pleasant Park. All Hop Rocks are gone as well. Heist?

New dance floor/disco room in Loot Lake factories. Dance on all four platforms simultaneously for a cool little surprise!

Odd-looking leafless vines have appeared throughout the map

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