Season 4 Week 7 Map Changes

Patch V4.4 adds significant changes to the map. Here’s our complete recap of Season 4 Week 7 map changes:

New soccer stadium POI located between Junk Junction and the Motel

The Dusty Divot meteorite excavation is over. An empty space pod can be found at its core. Who is the mysterious visitor?

The “visitor” has escaped from the excavation site and appears to be heading west towards the villain lair.

Vegetation continues to grow in Dusty Divot.

A wrecking ball is taking down the remains of the damaged building in Tilted Towers.

Hop Rocks convoy from Tilted Towers now approaching Snobby Shores.

Wooden ramps have appeared on the mountain south of Pleasant Park. Future challenge?

Hop Rocks and meteorite fragments seen in the villain lair. Yikes!

The crater at Risky Reels is now patched up completely.

Also a fresh selection of movies showing at Risky Reels.

Hop Rocks convoy from Risky Reels passing through Anarchy Acres.

The crater next to Fatal Fields is being filled up. Hop Rocks & meteorite parts are being escorted west across the bridge.

New backyard soccer pitch found at Fatal Fields, Risky Reels, container yard southeast of Tomato Town and Flush Factory. Part of the “Score a goal on different pitches” week 7 challenge