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V5.0 Map Changes | Paradise Palms, Lazy Links & More

New Season, new map changes! Here’s our complete recap of Season 5 Week 1 map changes.

Goodbye swampy Moisty Mire, hello Desert biome!

Closer look at the new ‘Paradise Palms’ POI

The new Desert biome is absolutely stunning

Look who we’ve found… He’s safe and sound, folks!

Anarchy Acres has been replaced with a new golf-themed POI: Lazy Links

Dusty Divot is now completely overgrown. Small ponds have formed around the crater

A Viking outpost has appeared on the mountain between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores

The NOMS sign is safe and sound. Tomato Man is, however, still missing…

Mysterious statues are dispersed throughout the map. Each statue can spawn up to three chests

The mystery remains…