Map Changes News

V6.00 Map Changes | Leaky Lake, Haunted Castle & More

Patch V6.00 brought many new changes to the map. Here’s a complete recap of Week 1:

The inevitable happened… A maelstrom has appeared at the center of Loot Lake and the house is now… floating?

New ‘Haunted Castle’ POI located between Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills

The areas surrounding the runes have now been corrupted. Shadow Stones and chests can be found at those locations.

The ‘Villain Lair’ is crumbling away, and chests can be found attached to cobwebs

The ‘Hero Mansion’ is also showing signs of decay

A total of four new lodges have appeared in Wailing Woods. The maze has also been tidied up.

A secret bunker/lab can be found beneath the maze in Wailing Woods. It appears that someone has successfully created a rift.

It’s harvest season at Fatal Fields! Chests can spawn inside the corn fields.

A brand new Halloween shop has opened in Retail Row

Three 1×1 houses have been added to the map:

– Wood 1×1: east of Paradise Palms
– Brick 1×1: southwest of Greasy Grove
– Metal 1×1: north of Lazy Links

And the most important for last: construction on the partially-destroyed hut near Fatal Fields has begun.