News Season 7

14 Days of Fortnite | Challenge #2 + Reward & Siphon LTM

Day 2 Challenge

Today’s challenge requires you to visit a couple of giant candy canes found around the map:

After completing the challenge, you will be rewarded with the ‘Festive Firefight’ loading screen:

Candy Cane Locations

Here are the locations of all four giant candy canes:

Day 2 LTMs: Siphon & Teams of 33

Day 2 brings a brand new Limited Time Mode: Siphon

Siphon: ‘All healing items have been removed in this mode. The only way to gain health or shields is to eliminate your opponents!’

Teams of 33: ‘Three teams of thirty-three players fight to the finish! This mode has extra loot and resources and a storm that is more lethal than in the standard Battle Royale modes. Each team drops from their own Battle Bus. Get in and help your team to victory!’