Battle Pass News Season 7

Season 7 Battle Pass Overview

New season, new Battle Pass packed with many exclusive goodies including new outfits, gliders, wraps, pets, and much more. Here’s our complete Season 7 Battle Pass overview:

Battle Pass: Introduction

First introduced at the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 2, the Battle Pass gives players access to a wide variety of goodies including outfits, pickaxes, gliders, backpacks, emotes,  V-Bucks and more.

The Season 7 Battle Pass contains no less than 100 tiers. You unlock each tier by simply playing the game and completing Battle Pass Challenges. As you progress through tiers, you unlock unique rewards. Completing the Battle Pass should take approximately between 75 to 150 hours.

Season 7 will run from December 6th 2018 to February 28th 2019.

Season 7 Battle Pass Overview

Here’s the official Season 7 Battle Pass trailer!


There are two ways of purchasing the Season 7 Battle Pass:

[Offer #1] Season 7 Battle Pass – Price: 950 V-Bucks.

[Offer #2] Season 6 Battle Bundle. The Battle Bundle package includes the Season 7 Battle Pass + 25 tiers at a discounted price. Price: 2,800 V-Bucks (40% discount).

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Once you’ve acquired the Battle Pass, you can speed up the leveling process by purchasing tiers for 150 V-Bucks each. The Battle Pass cannot be refunded through the refund system.

New in Season 7: Wraps

Give your weapons and vehicles a new look with Wraps. Level up your Battle Pass to unlock different Wraps, then equip them in your locker to items like vehicles, shotguns, rifles and more.

Tiers 1-100 Breakdown

Tier 1 Outfits: Zenith and Lynx

Tier 1 outfits Zenith and Lynx come each with seven unlockable styles:


Tier 100 Outfit: The Ice King

Here’s a closer look at the legendary Tier 100 outfit ‘The Ice King’, including all unlockable styles:

Battle Pass Challenges

– Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are back in Season 7.  Players will need to complete 4 out of the 7 quests in order to unlock the weekly 5,000 XP reward.

Note: 3 of the 7 weekly quests are available to “Free Pass” players. Make sure to regularly check our Twitter for the latest challenges and tips on how to complete them.

These challenges also benefit players that acquire the Battle Pass later in the season as these challenges are retroactively available until the Season end.

– Lynx and Zenith Challenges

Both Tier 1 outfits Lynx and Zenith come with their own set of 11 challenges. Complete these challenges to will unlock various rewards such as a back bling, an emote, pickaxes, banners as well as many unlockable styles! These challenges can still be completed after the Season ends.

– Sgt. Winter Challenges

The tier 23 outfit ‘Sgt Winter’ also comes with a couple of challenges. Complete them to unlock two unlockable styles and a banner.

Snowfall Challenge

Similar to the “Hunting Party” challenge from Season 6, there is a new ‘mystery’ skin challenge. You will need to complete every challenges in all 10 weeks to unlock the legendary outfit (yet to be revealed) and a banner.