Map Changes News Season 7

V7.00 Map Changes | Frosty Flights, Polar Peak & More

Season 7 brings an incredible number of changes to the Fortnite Battle Royale map, including the much-anticipated snow biome. We’ll update this post regularly throughout the day.

The new snow biome is massive, expanding from Snobby Shores to Lucky Landing

New POI: Happy Hamlet. A beautiful mountain village replacing Flush Factory

New POI: Polar Peak. The tip of the iceberg is now the highest summit in the game

New POI: Frosty Flights. Home of the X-4 Stormwing!

Greasy Grove is now submerged under ice

The Durrr Burger food truck has set up shop in Retail Row

‘A.I.M.’ outposts have appeared throughout the map. What are the intentions of these new visitors?

The Yonder Yard nightclub has remained unscathed. Flush Factory, on the other hand, is now completely covered in snow.

The land surrounding the corrupted areas has healed itself

The building in Tilted Towers is under construction… again.

A ranch has appeared east of Risky Reels

New animal structures can be found at the edge of the map near Wailing Woods

A couple of squat houses are now located near the river between Lazy Links and Risky Reels

The castle near Haunted Hills has collapsed

The lake and waterfall at Viking village is now completely frozen

New giant sled structure replacing the old chair

Ski lifts located between Happy Hamlet and Frosty Flights

Yeti cave located in B9… Enter at your own risk!

The car at modern house is no longer blocking the way to the garage

Makeshift doomsday clock?

The basement of the hero mansion has been fitted with a mini-game

The secret hangar holds a X-4 Stormwing plane

Ice sculptures of Red Knight, Love Ranger and Raven