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Ice King Event Countdown & Everything You Need To Know

The much-anticipated Ice King event is taking place today, January 19th. Here’s everything you need to know:


Where to watch?

We’ll be streaming the event live, tune in to our Twitch stream. A recorded replay will be made available on our Twitter shortly afterwards.

January 19th

T-minus one hour and 15 minutes:

January 18th

The Ice King has appeared at the center of the ice sphere. A clock surrounding the orb is also indicating the remaining time:

January 17th

TVs are now displaying a countdown timer, which will end at 2PM ET/ 7PM GMT on January 19th:

January 16th

The TVs around the map are now displaying a weather warning:

January 15th (V7.20 Release)

A mysterious floating sphere has appeared above Polar Peak