Map Changes News Season 8

V8.00 Map Changes | Lazy Lagoon, Sunny Steps & More

New Season, new map changes! Season 8 brings a ton of new map changes to the Fortnite Battle Royale map, including a new tropical biome.

Given the amount of map changes included in this Patch, we’ll update this post regularly throughout the day. Many thanks to NikentoFort for the help.

New biome: Tropical

The new tropical biome expands from Lonely Lodge to the late Lazy Links (RIP)

New POI: Lazy Lagoon

Home of the nefarious Captain Blackbeard, Lazy Lagoon stands where Lazy Links once was:

New POI: Sunny Steps

Located north of Lonely Lodge, Sunny Steps replaces the northern part of Wailing Woods:


The Volcano is now home to the The Prisoner and the mysterious serpent eggs:

Tilted Towers

It’s a miracle! Reconstruction of the Tilted Towers building is already well underway, only a day after its tragic destruction:

Spawn Island

Spawn Island has been revamped with a tropical touch:

The Block

The Block has replaced the Motel in Season 8:

Pirate Forts

A total of 7 Pirate Forts have appeared across the Fortnite map:

Salty Springs

A couple of houses in Salty Springs got a complete makeover:

Pleasant Park

The damaged house in Pleasant Park has finally been repaired:

Cardinal Points

Cardinal points can be found at the most E/W/S/N parts of the map. Southern point is located near Lucky Landing:

Northern point is located northeast of Junk Junction

Eastern point is located near the superhero mansion:

Western point is located near Snobby Shores:


The superhero mansion and villain lair are still decaying at an alarming rate:

A couple of new animal structures have been added to the map: a pig (near Lucky Landing) and a rabbit (near Snobby Shores):

The houses southwest of Retail Row have been remodeled:

An Expedition Outpost can be found hidden in the forest north of the volcano:

Tomato Temple has somehwat survived the rise of the volcano:

Hot springs can be found northeast of Lazy Lagoon:

The bunker of Wailing Woods has survived! The mystery remains…

A wooden house can be found east from the volcano:

Faces have appeared on three different mountains:

The houses south of Haunted Hills have been changed:

A Forknife tribute has appeared northwest of Fatal Fields:

Hidden shrine located east of the volcano:

An Expedition Outpost archaeology site north of Lazy Lagoon:

A fenced radio tower can be found north of Sunny Steps:

The Rock Lady Golem has survived (kind of):

Little wooden shack located northwest of Lazy Lagoon:

Pirate cosmetics can be found on several vehicles:

X marks the spot: