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Fortnite V8.10 Cosmetics | Kenji, Axiom & More

Dataminers have revealed the upcoming cosmetics found in the Fortnite V8.10 game files. Here’s everything uncovered earlier today (images provided by

Outfits + Back Blings

Kenji outfit + Katana & Kunai back bling

Kuno outfit + Dual Kama back bling

Axiom outfit + Commission back bling

Psion outfit + Omission back bling

Marino outfit + Banana Bag back bling

Laguna outfit + Pineapple Strummer back bling


Star Ward + Stumpy pickaxes

Tri-Star + Psionic Edge pickaxes

Fresh Cut + Quickstrike pickaxes


Magma Wrap

Clubs/Diamonds/Hearts/Spades + Pineapple Wraps

Glider + Back Bling

Disruptor glider + Crystal Llama back bling


Drum Major + Slap Happy emotes

Spring-Loaded + Raining Doubloons emotes