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Fortnite V8.20 Map Changes: Durrr Burger, No Sweat Insurance & More

Patch V8.20 brings new changes to the map including changes in Retail Row, Tilted Towers and more.

Tilted Towers

The reconstruction of the building in Tilted Towers is finally complete.

Retail Row

The Durrr Burger joint in Retail Row has built a second floor:

Snobby Shores

The Vikings have invaded another house in Snobby Shores:

The Block

The Block has been updated with GingerJay91’s Tropical Treetops:


Construction trucks have appeared near the broken bridge and seem to be heading towards Paradise Palms:

Credit: @DavidGamingYT1

A Baller racetrack has appeared between Happy Hamlet and Polar Peak:

Credit: @DavidGamingYT1

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