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Fortnite V8.40 Map Changes | Loot Lake Bunker, Fallout Shelters & More

Patch V8.40 brings new changes to the map including changes in Loot Lake, Pleasant Park and more.

Loot Lake

We can’t seem to catch a break. The excavation team has been hard at work, uncovering a massive metallic structure beneath Loot Lake:

Retail Row

The world-famous Durrr Burger head mascot has now returned! The fast food war rages on:

Snobby Shores

The Vikings have invaded yet another house in Snobby Shores:

But the last remaining house won’t go down without a proper fight:

Fallout Shelters

Secret basement/shelters have appeared across the map. Do they know something we don’t? House #1 in Pleasant Park:

House #2 in Pleasant Park:

‘Dog’ house in Retail Row:


The Rock Golems saga continues as the male Golem climbs his way down towards his significant other:

A giant Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit telephone can be found northeast of The Block:

The Durrr Burger telephone is located west of Fatal Fields: