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Fortnite V9.00 Map Changes | Neo Tilted, Mega Mall & More

Season 9 brings many new changes to the Fortnite Battle Royale map including new POIs such as Neo Tilted, Mega Mall and more.

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Neo Tilted

From the ashes, Neo Tilted is born! A futuristic version of the recently-annihilated Tilted Towers has been been built:

Mega Mall

Similar to Tilted Towers, Retail Row has been replaced by Mega Mall – a future-themed shopping complex. The surrounding neighbourhood has also been modernized:

Pressure Plant

A factory/processing plant has been built in the half-destroyed volcano:

Loot Lake

The government buildings have been modernized here too. Trees have begun to grow back as well:

Junk Junction

The remaining debris from Tilted Towers have been transported to Junk Junction (including the clock tower):

Sky Stations

Alike the Pirate Forts in Season 8, a total of 7 Sky Platforms have been added throughout the map:

Slipstream Stations

Slipstreams are a new addition to the game, allowing players to get around fast via air-pathways and stations spread around the map:

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines can be found across the northwestern part of the map. Turbines are accessible via ziplines and contain chests and ballers:

The Block

The Block has been updated with MakaMakes’ newest creation:


The house east of Paradise Palms, known as ‘Calamity House’, has been fully renovated. It appears to be heavily inspired from the house seen in the ‘John Wick’ movie, possibly indicating an upcoming collaboration/LTM:

A new fish structure can be found at the hot springs northeast of Lazy Lagoon:

A massive energy/power cable connects Loot Lake and Neo Tilted:

A number of zeppelins can be seen hovering across the map:

The wooden house overlooking Mega Mall has been renovated:

‘Dog house’ in Mega Mall has a new bedroom:

Several vehicles and items have also been updated:

The shack destroyed by the Cube back in Season 5 is finally undergoing renovations:

Digsite #1 from Season 8 has been stripped of its construction equipment/geyser:

Removed Locations/Items:

  • Rock Golems
  • Giant rabbit
  • 5 out of 7 Pirate Camps

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