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Singularity Helmet/Styles Guide: All Five Locations

The Utopia mystery skin, Singularity, becomes available today as most players are now able to retrieve the 90th Fortbyte puzzle piece necessary to obtain the new legendary outfit. The futuristic-themed skin comes with no less than five different ‘hidden’ styles, which you can unlock by simply visiting various locations around the map.

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These styles are inspired from some of Fortnite’s most popular skins including Cuddle Team Leader, Pizza Pit, Durrr Burger, Rex and Drift. Here’s an overview of all five locations/helmets that you need to loot:

Cuddle Helmet

The Cuddle helmet/style is located in Pressure Plant:

Pizza Helmet

The Pizza Pit helmet/style is located in Loot Lake:

Durrr Helmet

The Durrr Burger helmet/style is located in Neo Tilted:

Rex Helmet

The Rex helmet is laying in the grass near the Sky Platform found between Salty Springs and Neo Tilted:

Drift Helmet

The Durrr Burger helmet/style is located behind a crate on the Polar Peak mountainside: