Fortnite Season X Week 1 Map Changes
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Fortnite Season X: Week 1 Map Changes

The much-anticipated Fortnite Season X launched on August 1, and while players expected major map changes on patch day, many were disappointed at the scarce amount of novelties.

Epic Games has, however, promised larger map alternations through time during Season X and their promise is being kept as we’ve already witnessed several key changes at Dusty Depot and Neo Tilted.

Here’s everything that has happened so far during Week 1:

August 3

Dusty Depot

Several changes have already occurred at Dusty Depot including the addition of a telescope, wood pallets, chest spawns and metal racks.

August 4

Dusty Depot

Additional changes have appeared at Dusty Depot. Who is the mystery character setting up base in the grey building?

Neo Tilted

A ‘Rift Beacon’ is now under construction at Neo Tilted. What is the purpose of this machine? Who is behind it? We’ll know more in the coming days.

August 5

Neo Tilted

The Rift Beacon at Neo Tilted has been activated. The pad is now harnessing energy from the Zero Point, seemingly through the air, and using it to power the Beacon.

UPDATE 8AM ET: The Rift Beacon has gathered enough energy and is now creating a rift directly above Neo Tilted.

August 6

Rift Zone #1: Tilted Town

The mysterious Rift Beacon has turned Neo Tilted into what it was many years in the past: a Wild West settlement.

Tilted Town contains a total of 24 chests and is also home to unvaulted weapons including the Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, Hunting Rifle and Infantry Rifle. Additionally, building and harvesting are completely prohibited.

Here’s a closer look at Tilted Town:

Overview of Tilted Town
Main Street
Clock Tower
Saloon / Hotel
General Store
Sheriff’s Office / Jail
Coffin Shop (left) + Trading Post (right)

We’ll update this article when new map changes occur.