Fortnite Season X Week 3 Map Changes
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Fortnite Season X: Week 3 Map Changes

Epic Games has promised significant map changes through time during Season X, some of which have already occurred with the recent addition of Tilted Town and Retail Row.

Week 3 brings new alterations to the map, including the complete destruction of the Recreational Center due to a malfunctioning Rift Beacon. Here’s everything that has happened so far:

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August 15

Rift Beacon #3 has appeared near the indoor soccer stadium:

August 19

The Rift Beacon at the soccer stadium has been activated:

UPDATE 5:30PM ET: The beacon is now opening a rift above the soccer stadium. A new Rift Zone should appear with tomorrow’s V10.10 Content Update:

August 20 (V10.10 Content Update)

The Rift Beacon at the Rec Center malfunctioned, causing an explosion that left a giant crater and created the Glitched Consumables:

Glitched Consumables can only be found at the explosion site. These randomly switch between different forageable items including Apples, Mushrooms, Coconuts, Peppers, Hop Rocks and Shadow Stones:

August 21

A fourth Rift Beacon is under construction at Dusty Depot: