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Fortnite Season X: Week 4 Map Changes

Epic Games has promised significant map changes through time during Season X, some of which have already occurred with the recent addition of Tilted Town and Retail Row.

Week 4 brings new alterations to the map, including the new Pandora rift zone. Here’s everything that has happened so far:

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August 22

Rift Beacon #4 has been transported to the desert:

August 26

Rift Beacon #4 has been activated:

UPDATE 6PM ET: The beacon is now opening a rift near the Truck ‘N’ Oasis. A new Rift Zone should appear with tomorrow’s V10.20 patch.

August 27 (Patch V10.20)

New Rift Zone: Pandora

The Pandora Rift Zone has appeared on the map, bringing the iconic cell-shading look to Fortnite:

Overview of the Pandora Rift Zone
Pandora brings the post-apocalyptic theme of Borderlands
Goodbye Truck ‘N’ Oasis, hello… post-apocalyptic makeshift town!
Westworld has also received a Borderlands-esque redesign
Giant dinosaur remains are scattered throughout the area

Dusty Depot

The Visitor is conducting more research back at Dusty Depot:

Tilted Towers

There are now traversable paths that connect the town to the surrounding hills:

Haunted Hills

A new statue (female Love Ranger?) has been added to Haunted Hills:


The wooden tower north of Fatal Fields has a shiny new roof:

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