Fortnite Season X Map Changes
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Fortnite V10.00 Map Changes | Dusty Depot, Meteor & More

Fortnite Season X brings new changes to the map including the return of Dusty Depot, the Meteor and more.

Many thanks to TheWalkthroughKing for his precious help! Found something we missed? Send us a tweet.

Dusty Depot

Goodbye Dusty Divot, hello again Dusty Depot!

The Meteor

The Meteor is located above the factories found to the southwest of Dusty Depot. Players can land on the Meteor and loot chests as well:


The unnamed factories POI located southwest of Dusty Depot have returned:

Loot Lake

The Zero Point has exploded at Loot Lake, causing it to freeze in time. Entering the Zero Point area will cause changes in certain POIs:

Monster Skeleton

The skeleton remains and/or Singularity’s Sword appear to have caused a change in the surrounding environment:

The Block

The Block has been updated with 0kyt’s submission:


A shack heavily guarded by gnomes can be found on the mountain to the west of Pleasant Park:

A small ‘home’ theater has been added in the jungle east of Pressure Plant. Could we see the return of Risky Reels during Season X?

Flush Factory has returned…. kind of! The little castle tower west of Polar Peak now pays homage to the world-famous toilet franchise:

The infamous ‘chair’ house in West World is now stacked with TVs instead:

The Paradise Palms sign has changed, possibly hinting at the return of a swampy biome (Moisty Mire?):

Something strange is happening here… Has the swamp metamorphosis begun?


The ‘Transformer’ truck south of Lonely Lodge has lost an arm and is now mimicking Mecha’s victory pose:

The crashed Battle Bus southeast of The Block is now gone:

The wooden shack overlooking Lazy Lagoon is now sporting the Lazy Links sign on its roof:

The Rock Family has sadly disappeared…:

The wooden shack found north of Fatal Fields has gained an additional floor:

The wooden chair makes a much-anticipated comeback to the Fortnite Battle Royale map: