Season X Week 5 Map Changes
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Fortnite Season X: Week 5 Map Changes

Epic Games has promised significant map changes through time during Season X, some of which have already occurred with the recent addition of Tilted Town, Retail Row and Pandora.

Week 5 brings new alterations to the map, including the return of Kevin and the Floating Island. Here’s everything that has happened so far:

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August 29

Rift Beacon #5 has been transported to Fatal Fields:

September 2

The Rift Beacon at Fatal Fields has been activated:

UPDATE 6PM ET: The beacon is now opening a rift above Fatal Fields. A new Rift Zone should appear with tomorrow’s V10.20 Content Update:

The Visitor is scanning other parts of the Mech:

September 3 (V10.20 Content Update)

The Floating Island is back…

…and it brought the Motel with it!

Screenshot by @David_The_Rune

Kevin, still looking as good as ever:

The Lonely Lodge sign makes its grand comeback amongst other landmark signs:

September 4

The Visitor has built two more Rift Beacons at Dusty Depot: