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Shooting Test #1 is Live [Updated]

Shooting Test #1 is coming this Monday, February 5th as a Limited Time Mode. Epic hopes to address certain issues regarding the gun-related gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale, and more specifically bloom/bullet spread inconsistencies.

News, News Roundup

News Roundup #001

Welcome to our first Fortnite News Roundup where we will regularly keep up with the latest day-to-day Battle Royale news. Our first News Roundup includes Dev Update #6, the South Korea launch, the latest in-game skins and more.


Launch V-Bucks Giveaway

It’s time for our first V-Bucks giveaway as we celebrate the launch of! We’re partnering up with @FortniteBR to give away 1,000 V-Bucks to three lucky Fortnite fans. Click below to read more.

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V2.2.0 Map Update Overview

V2.2.0 patch, dubbed the “Map Update”, is now live! This is Fortnite Battle Royale’s biggest patch to date and here’s our complete overview, including extensive coverage of all the new points of interest, gameplay changes, new item shop and more.


We are LIVE!

Fortnite fans, we are officially live! After weeks of preparation, we are very excited to announce that is up and running! Our goal is simple: we are committed to providing quality, up-to-date news of Fortnite Battle Royale. We have many more features planned and we will be rolling those out […]